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Royal Commerce Ltd. is there since 1991.

The company's business is primarily the production and sale of new computer equipment, but it is also engaged networking and maintenance of equipment, upgrading and maintenance Used equipment, user training, developing software solutions in various business environments and consulting in the field of information technology.

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Mission, vision and goals

The mission of our company is to offer its products and services in the field of information technology, to create the best conditions of purchase and the highest quality products and solutions to its customers ie. end-users.

The vision of our company is to be a synonym for a company that is constantly asking how higher standards in the field of business and in other areas which are within the scope of our portfolio.

The goals of our company are to survive in the fierce competition in the IT sector we are dealing with and to the satisfaction of our customers realize the target of our short-term and long-term business plans and growth.

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Computers certainly facilitate our business, but it can be an insurmountable obstacle when their implementation so as to satisfy the needs of users as well as economically and practically. We offer a complete integration of hardware from performing an installation to a complete solution for you.

A complete list of services can be seen below.

Computer production

Production of computers and computer peripherals.


Active and passive network equipment, cabling and wireless networking.


Servicing new equipment, upgrading and servicing used equipment.


Upgrading of existing solutions.


Sales with the lowest margins.

Education & Consulting

Providing design solutions based on the professional expertise of staff.


Comprehensive product system integration with your existing equipment.


Complete technical support adapted to your needs.


All kinds of software services.


The last couple of years the company has successfully started to compete in tenders for public procurement equipment, and in the fierce competition who should be cheaper and better than the other bidders, in addition to respond to the rigid requirements of the tender, we managed to make significant agreements.

Since establishment until today, we have gained many business partners, of which only the most significant are in the following list!
Full list by categories

A special feature that aside from the rest of the company would be the quality of the products and services we provide and sales through referrals.

Direct communication with the creators of software / hardware systems. Highly qualified team of trained      to recognize the unique needs of end users. Continuous training and training of the team is doing what      better response to requests from clients.

Fast response time to all inquiries and requests for proposals and solutions. The flexibility of our services and      solutions to your existing way of doing business. Preventing downtime proactive approach to problem solving.

Constancy of services independent of the choice of manufacturers. Coverage throughout the region (Serbia,      Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina). Flexible working hours adapted to the needs of users of our products and services      (Support by model 24/7).

Company mission should define why a company should exist, it is the basic framework business and development of a company.

        Vision enterprise directory should be set up so that it shows how the company plans to move and grow. directory

        The objectives of the company are determined and aspirations of companies in procedures to satisfy the mission of enterprises, the desired future conditions and results to be achieved by planned and organized activities enterprise structure. Objectives are the primary planning decision in the process of development a company.

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